Dream of Italy Designs was launched in the fall of 2004 to bring the one-of-kind glass jewelry created by Venetian master craftsmen to the American luxury market. All of our pieces begin with the highest quality materials including 24 karat gold foil, silver foil and rich colors. Our glass beads are made as they have been for centuries, on Venice’s historic glass-making island of Murano.

We travel to Venice several times a year to work directly with the craftsmen on the design of the beads. We then use these beads as part of our exclusive designs for necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. It’s not surprising for our American customers to say, “I didn’t even see anything this nice when I was in Venice.”
Dream of Italy Designs strives for the very best. Our small operation focuses on quality above quantity. Every piece provokes a conversation.

Dream of Italy Designs is a division of Dream of Italy, Inc., the company that publishes Dream of Italy, the travel newsletter recommended by USA TODAY, National Geographic Traveler and American Way as one of the foremost authorities on luxury travel to Italy. The company is a family affair. Kathy McCabe (the daughter) is the editor and publisher of the newsletter. Kathy McCabe (the mother) is the founder and director of the jewelry line. Despite their Irish names, the McCabes can trace their ancestry to Italy, giving them a heartfelt connection to all things